Manufacture technology

For prepairing moulding mixture we use quartz, chromite and olivine sand. As binders we use: bentonite, water glass and furan resin.
Moulding is done both manually and on different lines.
Melting is done in electric arc furnaces and induction furnaces.
Heat treatment (normalisation, realizing, quenching and tempering) is done in different chamber furnaces.

The general technical delivery conditions for castings made from cast metallic materials are secured to the implementation of standards EN 1559-1 i EN 1559-2 which outline how to achieve best practice during the casting process, with specifications on the correct composition of cast metallic materials.



From design to good-quality castings 
Casting production begins with a mutual collaboration between clients and the foundry experts. We have excellent experts in metallurgical engineering who will give their suggestions for the optimal construction of a casted part, type of material, heat treatment, etc.
Taking into account all specific fetures of the technical characteristics and exploitation conditions of the respective part, we design an optimal and reliable manufacturing technology. The created constructional drawing with elaborated technology of pattern and casting production is the basis for the pattern making in our pattern shop, that is, production of castings in our foundry.




Moulding shop – from large-batch to single production
High flexibility of the production capabilities of the foundry can also been seen in technical equipment of the moulding shop. An automated centralized preparation of the mould mixing on the basis of betonite as a binder supplies the major part of the production capacities of the foundry. Permanent mixing machine for preparation of mixture by using ester-silicate procedure is situated at the part of the manual moulding. Other procedures for the preparation of the compound on the basis of furan resin binders and water glass are placed at the locations of their use in the single-piece and small-batch production as well as the core shop.
We posses 3 semi-automated and one automated line for machine moulding.
A quick exchange of the patterns panels provides small-batch production.




Cleaning of castings and final treatment
The technical and technological outfiting of the cleaning shop with cutting, cleaning and grinding equipment ensures good quality of the casting surface. Heat treatment furnaces with a possibility of programming and recording a temperature regime, as well as equipment for quenching in water oil and an air stream enable a high level of heat treatment.





Machining of castings 
An own machining plant that encompasses turning, milling and grinding has been adjusted to the assortment of our castings. It enables pretreatment or finishing treatment of the major part of our production range. This plant also manufactures built-in parts for building and mining machinery, automatic railroad car couplings, etc.





System of quality safety in our foundry
The system of quality control in our foundry is governed by the Manual for Quality Safety (QS), which represents a measure for all products and services of the steel foundry Jelsingrad Livar Banja Luka.
It contains all regulations, standards, instructions, control points and documentation system.
The QS precisely regulates organisation of quality control and checking of incoming materials, production process and final products.
The quality control department, in addition to professional personnel, also posses well-equipped and modern laboratories.